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Endless Space 2 preview: A 4X space game with some actual weight to its universe

Hayden Dingman | Sept. 9, 2016
Look for it to hit Early Access sometime in September

It hangs together, though. It looks futuristic and spacey and sleek. It’s Dieter Rams minimalism applied to a 4X interface.

First impressions are important, and Endless Space 2 makes an excellent one. In a genre that’s typically clunky and slow, riddled with unnecessary data in awkward places, Amplitude’s approach looks ever-so-slightly more sophisticated.

Hell, other games (Master of Orion) adopted a style eerily similar to the original Endless Space. I think it’s safe to say Amplitude’s influence is rubbing off.

Bottom line

Endless Space 2 heads to Early Access before the end of September. I think those who loved its predecessor will be impressed by how much more expansive the galaxy feels, and those who came to Amplitude through Endless Legend will find yet another impressive 4X game. And the ones who’ve never played an Amplitude game before?

Well, that’s just a mistake.


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