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15 essential project management tools

Moira Alexander | Oct. 16, 2017
Project managers play a vital role in organisational success. Having the right set of tools to tackle analytics, requirements, change and project progress will help you perform at your best.

15 essential project management tools
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Top-level project managers are in high demand, thanks to the high-level leadership, knowledge and capabilities they bring to bear on vital business projects. But having the right set of tools is also essential to project management success.

Project management tools and templates not only increase team productivity and effectiveness but also prepare the organization for changes brought about by high-impact projects. To perform at their best, project managers need to make the most of tools aimed at business intelligence and analytics, business requirements, change management and project management, as well as a wide array of forms and templates.

Here we have compiled the ultimate project manager’s toolkit to help you plan, execute, monitor and successfully polish off your next high-impact project.


15 essential project management tools

ToolCategoryTarget company sizeFree versionFree trial
Cyfe BI/analytics 1,000+ Yes Yes
SAP Lumira BI/analytics 1 - 1,000+ Yes Yes
Zoho Reports BI/analytics 1 - 999 Yes Yes
TD/OMS Change management 1 - 1,000+ Yes N/A
Whatafix Change management 10 - 1,000+ Yes Yes
Asana Project management 50 - 1,000+ Yes Yes
Clarizen Project management 10 - 1,000+ Yes Yes
Mavenlink Project management 2 - 1,000+ Yes Yes
Wrike Project management 10 - 1,000+ Yes Yes
Aha Requirements management 1,000+ Yes No
iRise Requirements management 1 - 1,000+ Yes No
Jama Requirements management 10 - 1,000+ Yes No Templates, checklists, forms 1 - 1,000+ N/A N/A Templates, checklists, forms 1 - 1,000+ N/A N/A
Project Management Institute Templates, checklists, forms 1 - 1,000+ No (membership) N/A

Source: Capterra

Business intelligence and analytics tools

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are essential to measuring and monitoring the performance, progress and impact of a project, and to keeping businesses and stakeholders informed on the value of their investments in any given project. More importantly, KPIs allow project managers and teams to understand how where the project is succeeding and what adjustments are necessary going forward. Here, business intelligence and analytics tools help project managers capture and transform raw data into actionable information for sharing and decision-making.


Cyfe is a web-based all-in-one business dashboard for small, medium and large businesses. It allows project managers, business leaders and other stakeholders to capture, monitor, analyze, measure and share everything from project data to marketing, sales, support, infrastructure and social media information. Cyfe uses pre-built widgets to securely pull data from popular services like Basecamp, Google Calendar, Salesforce, and so on, thereby reducing manual workarounds. Features include real-time reporting, sharing of customizable dashboards, goal setting, offline alerts, data archiving and exporting, and TV mode to rotate one or more dashboards for viewing on a big screen monitor.

Cyfe also offers data mashups to “slice and dice” unrelated metrics from multiple sources to create new insights, helping project teams see trends and correlations, and track and share KPIs with various departments. Dashboards can be customized for project teams, management, clients, finance, marketing, sales, IT and more. Integrations include Zapier, Zendesk, FreshBooks, Basecamp, Google Calendar, Salesforce, Xero, Google Analytics and more.


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