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Essential add-ons for Google Sheets: Workflows, advanced find and replace, mail merge

Michael Ansaldo | July 9, 2015
Managing and maintaining spreadsheets is one of the biggest productivity sinkholes in the workplace. Fortunately, if you're using Google Sheets, there are many add-ons that expand on its capabilities so you can perform common tasks more efficiently and reclaim your time.

Split Names

Addressing those bulk emails can quickly become a hassle if you, say, want to address each recipient by their first name, but your spreadsheet is formatted to use their full name. This add on corrects the situation by splitting each part of their name into individual cells so your mail merge can pull just the name parts you want to use.

Once you've installed this add-on, highlight the range of cells containing your contacts' names then go to Split Names > Start. Select from the five possible parts you can split each name into--first, middle, last, salutation/title, and suffix/post-nominals--and click Split. The add-on will insert columns for each select name part to the right of the original entry.


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