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Excel's best tricks: How to make a calendar

JD Sartain | July 9, 2015
So, what else can Excel do? People ask this question all the time. The answer is "almost anything."

Last, add holidays and any special occasion days such as birthdays, graduation, or anniversaries. To add text to a date, position your cursor on the target date; for example, June 12th. Press the function key F2 to edit this cell. The cursor positions to the right of the number 12. Because the numbers are on the bottom-right corner--unless you want to change that--press the Home key to reposition the cursor before the day.

Now type the name of the occasion, then press Alt+Enter (hold down the Alt key, then press the Enter key, then release both keys), once for each additional line added--in this case, once to separate the text from the number, then three more times to move the text to the top of the calendar box. Now the data is on the right. No problem, just click the Align Right button on the Home tab, Alignment group and the data moves to the right.

Note: You cannot right-justify the number, then center or left-justify the text, because Excel doesn't allow multiple paragraph styles in the same cell. You can click the Increase Indent button (also in the Alignment group) to move the data two pixels away from the right border. But you can use multiple font attributes such as Bold for the number and Italics or a different color for the text. Press F2 to edit, then highlight the number or the text and choose a new color or attribute. If you want both the same, then just position your cursor on that cell and choose an attribute and color.


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