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Facebook official: HTML5 backers need to step up mobile efforts

Mikael Ricknäs | Oct. 5, 2012
Everyone involved with HTML5 on mobile devices needs to step up their efforts and solve issues with performance and monetization in order for the technology to reach its true potential, according to Facebook developer advocate Simon Cross.

The good news is that W3C is working to solve all those issues in different ways and in different places, according to panel participant Robin Berjon, who edits the HTML specification.

"The billing issues are definitely being worked on. In terms of features we have a lot in the pipeline," said Berjon.

The W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) has started the System Applications Working Group. Its aim is to produce a runtime environment and a set of APIs that let trusted applications integrate closely with the operating system, according to its website.

To help the industry along even further, W3C is also putting a lot of resources into testing to improve the lack of interoperability between browsers. As part of the Move The Web Forward initiative it is sponsoring hackathons called Test The Web Forward.

"We are reaching out to the developer community and working with a number of large sponsors in order to get a lot of people involved in testing," said Berjon.

More testing will put pressure on browser vendors, because they really don't like to have public information about failed tests, according to Berjon.

Facebook is also intimately involved in browser testing with the mobile web browser test suite Ringmark, which has been open sourced. It consists of three "rings," or levels, that include different levels of functionality. Ringmark tests both the availability of features and whether the features have been implemented well.


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