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FICO optimisation suite gains traction in AP

Anuradha Shukla | Aug. 24, 2011
Xpress Optimization Suite beats other packages on established benchmark tests.

FICO Xpress Optimization Suite is becoming popular among Asia Pacific companies.

Version 7.2 of this Suite has beaten other leading optimisation software packages on established benchmark tests.

The results of the tests show how fast optimisation solvers can execute different types of problems, according to analytics and decision management technology specialist FICO, which notes that version 7.2 ranked fastest on three of four critical benchmarks and tied for fastest on the fourth.

In fact, the FICO Xpress Optimization Suite 7.2 outperformed IBM's ILOG CPLEX on all four benchmarks.

Designed for organisations with large-scale operations, the FICO Xpress Optimization Suite ensures users are making the most efficient and profitable use of resources such as capital, human resources and technology.

The future for this solution is bright in the Asia Pacific as technology for solving large-scale, complex operational challenges is becoming popular with companies in this region.

Increasing awareness  

Noting the importance of optimisation tools, FICO says they can aid users to

find the best solutions to complex problems. Optimisation software can also drive dramatic improvements in operational efficiency and effectiveness.

"In the Asia Pacific, optimisation solutions are quickly gaining traction," said Dan McConaghy, president and general manager, FICO Asia Pacific. "Australia, Singapore, South Korea and Japan have historically led the way in utilising optimisation tools to improve decisions. And now we see increasing awareness and adoption in Malaysia, India and the Philippines, particularly within logistics, manufacturing, airlines operations and energy markets."

Airlines in the Asia Pacific are using FICO Xpress as part of the TPAC suite of solutions from Australia-based Constraint Technologies International.

"For our airlines customers, including Qantas and Malaysian Airlines, it's critical to generate optimal pairing, rostering and disruption management solutions, solver performance and first-rate support," said Julian Warner, vice president Airline Systems, Constraint Technologies. "FICO's ability to help us deliver tremendous reductions in runtimes allows our customers to generate more solutions in the same timeframe, leading to better decisions. Combine this with their excellent support, and FICO clearly is the provider of choice in our work with airlines around the region."


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