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Gartner report throws cold water on uber-hyped OpenStack project

Brandon Butler | Oct. 2, 2012
A scathing report about OpenStack from research firm Gartner warns businesses to beware of considerable hype

OpenStack: Folsom had a 65% increase in contributions, with a record 330 developers writing 185 new or updated features in the code, Collier says. "Numbers tell the story," he adds. "We have more developers than ever." Rackspace, which some have viewed as steering the project in the past, dropped from contributing about half of the code changes in previous versions to being responsible for 30% of contributions in the newest release. "There are more features, more bug fixes and less of them from Rackspace," Bryce says, noting the additional share of contributions represents more vendors involving themselves in the project.

Leong: "OpenStack may eventually become a solid open-source core at the heart of a large and successful ecosystem of commercial offerings," Leong says, noting some of the positive benefits she sees around the project. It has quickly become one of the four most important cloud computing infrastructure ecosystems along with Amazon Web Services, VMware and Microsoft, she says. The code is architected for true cloud-scale deployments and she expects it will "evolve into a successful solution for those looking for a basic, low-cost CMP." Vendors will leverage it to build products and services, albeit while adding proprietary extensions and capabilities on top of the code. The launch of the OpenStack Foundation, she says, "may potentially resolve some of the interoperability and fragmentation issues, as well as (provide) overall stronger project governance and management and will be crucial for moving OpenStack beyond a niche, early-adopter solution, to something that is suitable for mainstream enterprise adoption."

OpenStack: Collier and Bryce say they're proud of the project's development. With the Foundation launched, the latest code release out, more vendors and users joining the project and the summit happening this month, the "timing is perfect" for the project right now, Collier says. "We couldn't be happier."


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