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Get the right expertise when migrating enterprise applications to cloud services

Teh Fui Ping, APJ Cloud Chief Technologist, Hewlett Packard Enterprise | Sept. 5, 2016
Migrating the right traditional application to the cloud offer enterprises additional benefits through new life and functionality.

This vendor-written piece has been edited by Executive Networks Media to eliminate product promotion, but readers should note it will likely favour the submitter's approach.

Public and private cloud resources hold great potential for the creation of new cloud applications, improving performance and cutting the costs of traditional applications. Migrating the right traditional application to the cloud offer enterprises additional benefits through new life and functionality.

It might seem ideal if you could just re-write and re-deploy all of your enterprise applications as agile, cloud-native applications, but it's not a practical solution. Instead you need to select applications that will gain the most business benefit from a migration to the cloud. Before starting, ensure that you have a plan and the right resources to get the job done.

For businesses the best way to plan is to consult experts in application transformation. The benefits of consulting are:

  1. Reduction in business disruption: While you likely have some great in-house IT expertise, there are many reasons to bring in external help to get traditional applications to the cloud. Some reasons boil down to the simple adage, "you don't know what you don't know." Most internal IT departments are staffed to manage the current applications as they are currently deployed and may not have the range of experience needed for a complicated cloud services migration effort (that is both strategic and transformative).

    In addition, expecting your existing IT staff to keep everything running, while taking on complex application migration projects, is a good recipe for a less than ideal application migration-and introduces the risk of a very probable business disruption. It's hard to focus on all the details of a migration project while keeping the business up and running on the existing environment.

  2. Reduced risk to your business: Professionals who do nothing but move traditional applications to private and public clouds are able to leverage a wealth of cross-industry/cross-customer experience. Their expertise is invaluable in helping to decide which applications are best to move, how to move the applications, manage the move of the applications and bring the new applications online with the least disruption to the business.

    Cloud application migration experts are able to leverage the knowledge and experience gained across thousands of clients, giving them clear line of sight on how to get the job done - and get it done effectively and efficiently. This expertise will save you time, money and reduce business risk. Offloading responsibility and risk to a migration partner helps the enterprise focus on achieving their business goals for cloud while ensuring organization governance is addressed. Leveraging the migration partner's experiences also gives the enterprise the "peace-of-mind" in getting their cloud applications deployed right, the first time and at the right price.


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