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‘Go to fewer conferences and start doing something’

Zafar Anjum | May 27, 2011
That’s the advice of Avanade’s Global CEO, Adam Warby, when it comes to cloud computing.

Adam argues that the cloud will prevail because it helps reduce cost which is an important factor for businesses.

Social media is a funny phrase

Given the ubiquity of social media, I had to ask Adam a question on this aspect of CRM. Does he see any demand for social media integration in CRM projects? His answer is affirmative. "Social media is a funny phrase," he says. "What does it really mean? You are trying to understand your customers. For consumer focused companies, that is good opportunity there."

He cites the example of the Malaysian low-cost carrier AirAsia. "They have 800,000 Facebook friends," he says. "They want to connect to them, promoting their business to their friends."

War for talent

My final question to Adam is about the war for talent in the IT talent landscape. "Talent is a critical issue," he says. "We are a talent company at our heart. We provide world class training to our staff. I think it is particularly important in the Asia Pacific that we help develop and build the capability that is here. I think there is an opportunity to leapfrog in some way know from the history...from legacy of systems in the West, whether it is cloud computing or other methods. But at the same time, you know, there is a lot of experience that we can share in delivering technology and delivering capability. So, I think there is lot of raw talent and potential. We need to polish that into a finished article. That's one of our goals in helping people develop their careers and talent."


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