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Google extends Google Apps with Video

David Mitchell | Sept. 3, 2008
This is a further sign that Google will become a serious player in the enterprise applications market, especially in categories of application that demand a collaboration or sharing focus.

The consumerisation of IT is a much broader trend that is spreading through the industry, with technology that starts in the consumer market moving into the enterprise arena. This has brought substantial challenges for the corporate CIO, who is tasked with offering the same facilities that users can find at home and integrating a diverse range of consumer-sourced IT into the corporate architecture with security, data privacy and other constraints in place. The CIO must find practical ways to address this consumerisation rather than simply block them, in the way that some seek to do. There are real benefits in terms of productivity and costs that can be achieved by the CIO who can properly blend consumer IT into a corporate environment.

As SVP IT Research, David Mitchell is responsible for Ovum's global IT research activities. 


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