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Google: Four trends will move applications to the Web

C.G. Lynch | June 10, 2008
Four key trends will hasten the adoption of Web-based applications and cloud computing, says Rishi Chandra of Google Enterprise.

"What if you had unlimited scalability?" Chandra asked the audience. "What projects would you be doing that you're not doing today? The opportunity is limitless."

4. Barriers to Adoption Are Falling

Barriers to adoption of cloud computing are falling, Chandra says, though challenges remain. Namely, the big hurdles include security, user experience, reliability, and offline mode, he says. With respect to security, Chandra takes a typical Google approach: He challenges the current state of enterprise security and contends that it's pretty weak.

For instance, he notes that one out of 10 laptops get stolen, and from a corporate perspective, laptops store 60 percent of corporate data. If that information was in the cloud instead of on a laptop, the loss of the hardware would be trivial, he says.

"Our vice president [and president of Google Enteprise] Dave Girouard got his laptop stolen while he was at a San Francisco Giants game," Chandra says. "He called our CIO, and said, my laptop is stolen, now should I get a Mac or a PC?" That story elicited chuckles from the audience.


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