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Google Go goes faster with 1.5 upgrade

Paul Krill | Aug. 20, 2015
The latest version of the language features improved garbage collection, mobile accomodations, and a runtime rewritten in Go.

Version 1.5 features a go tool trace command, which enables visualization of program traces generated by a new tracing infrastructure in the runtime. A go doc command, meanwhile, serves as a substitute for the original godoc command that provides an improved command-line interface.

The lone language change was the lifting of a restriction in the map literal syntax, to improve succinctness and offer consistency with slice literals. Standard library improvements in Go 1.5 include cleaner usage messages in the flag package and a Float type in the math/big package, for computing with arbitrary-precision floating point numbers. An improvement to the DNS resolver on Linux and BSD systems removes the cgo requirement for programs that perform name lookups.


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