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Guest view: Winning customers in a digitally evolving world

Jagannath Narendran, SVP, Asia Pacific & Middle East, Aspect | April 14, 2014
Advances in mobile communications and technology has made available an array of new communication tools, devices, and channels that are changing the way customers are interacting with brands.

Hiring the right people
Top-notch customer experience starts with hiring the right people for the job, in terms of their abilities, experience, and temperament. In an omni-channel environment, different channels require specialised skills sets which must be acquired and harnessed properly. Providing employees with relevant and regular training needed to effectively manage and work with multiple systems, from phone to IVR (Interactive Voice Response) to social, is fundamental.

Equally important, brands must provide their agents with the right set of tools that facilitate seamless transition between the various platforms, ensuring up-to-date information on customers at their disposal.

Today, there is an array of tools available which deliver organisation, optimisation, and seamless communication across multiple departments and channels within the contact centre and the brand as a whole. A variety of IVR, mobile, and self-service platform vendors have solutions which enable agents to pinpoint customer problems and issues and resolve them without hassle, thus creating a positive experience and impression of the brand.

Omni-channel Challenge Infographic

Looking ahead
Technology is going to spearhead many forthcoming changes in expectations, practices, and the way business is being conducted. One thing is for certain—bad customer service will seldom go unnoticed as customers now have an array of tools and platforms to share their experiences. Through word-of-mouth, both virtually and in real life, a brand's reputation can be affected within a very short period of time.

For brands to avoid the pitfalls of the digital world and to continue winning over customers, they must not only prevent bad customer experiences from occurring, they need to also proactively provide positive experiences to foster loyalty and win over new customers.


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