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How agile thinking leads to better branding

Simon Ward | Oct. 4, 2013
Simon Ward, chief executive of brand consultancy Holmes & Marchant explains why an agile approach is as important for branding as it is for development.

Agile design
This approach to design requires a different mindset and organisational culture - for example, a faster, lighter approval process - but rather than restricting designers, it can actually have a liberating effect.

In a recent comparison between traditional and agile processes for developing a brand packaging graphic, we saw the latter was faster to market, with higher ROI. This was due to a 100 per cent faster project turnaround, on-going responsiveness and the potential for 20 per cent lower investment. The design project itself is also more likely to be successful because the process uses more options, more testing and close consumer involvement at different stages.

Adopting an agile mindset doesn't have to be difficult either. It starts by encouraging marketers and designers that it makes sense to take smaller, incremental steps to strengthen brand position in response to sometimes quite subtle market shifts. After all, agile design processes are faster, more efficient and more likely to succeed.


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