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How AI, machine learning will impact tech recruiting

Sharon Florentine | March 23, 2017
You're already reaping the benefits of AI and machine learning when you watch TV, get a ride to the airport or shop for clothing -- here's how the technology can help you recruit hard-to-find IT talent.


Dark matter results

They refer to these types of great candidates who use different language in their resumes and applications as "dark matter" results, Cathey says. There are more results out there, you're just not seeing them. And this creates a problem that many sourcers and recruiters don't want to own up to. "If we're really trying to find the best candidate, though, then you're excluding people with those searches. Doing it this way means you're looking only for the best of the easiest candidates to find. And that's hard to admit, right? But that's what is happening here," he says.


Focusing on the human element

AI and machine learning are evolving at a fantastic rate, and they're a great tool to add to a sourcer's or recruiter's toolbox. By speeding up the process and ensuring more relevant results, sourcing and recruiting pros can focus on connecting with candidates, engaging with them and getting them hired, Cathey says.

"Especially with some of these search techniques, even if I run out of specific people I can directly identify who would be the right person for a job, I can find people with a high likelihood of knowing the right kind of person. And that's where the human element of this profession comes in. Instead of focusing on unbillable research, you can use AI to automate these mundane tasks to allow you to focus on your clients. So, instead of focusing on finding people, you can focus on recruiting people," he says.


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