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How Amazon Kinesis can help you leverage real-time data

By Mike Chan, CMO, Thorn Technologies, an AWS-certified cloud computing and software development firm | Jan. 3, 2017
Kinesis is a suite of tools that makes it easy to capture, process and analyze real-time streaming data

Also, the behavior data that you collect in real time can help continuously improve your recommendation algorithm to generate better product suggestions over time. These kinds of analyses can lead to increased conversion rates and revenue growth.

You can also leverage Kinesis Analytics to analyze all of this streaming data you collect for your business.

Let’s say that you run a food processing business. There is so much data you need to collect - customer information, shipping data, machine uptime statistics, transportation and logistics data, and much more -- and it’s likely that the data lives in siloes and separate databases, making it difficult to wrangle.

In this case, you can use Kinesis Firehose or Streams to capture and process the data and then run standard SQL queries against these data streams using Kinesis Analytics.

You can then take it a step further and deliver this data to other analytics and monitoring tools to create alerts for when product goes out the door, machines break down, or a new customer has been acquired.

Kinesis has made it much easier to leverage data, especially real-time data, to make faster, more informed decisions. This will help you better serve your customers, ensure uptime of your equipment, improve your sales, and grow your business.

Chan is the Chief Marketing Officer of Thorn Technologies, an AWS-certified cloud computing and software development firm.  Thorn excels in the development of cloud architectures, cloud migrations, location-based content management systems, data warehouse and analytics systems, real-time alerting and messaging systems, bulk SMS and MMS marketing platforms, and mobile applications and websites.


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