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How machine learning will take off in the cloud

Sharon Gaudin | March 28, 2016
The cloud will bring the power of machine learning to the Joe Schmoes of the enterprise.

"The better we know our users, the better experience we can provide," Zuckerman told Computerworld. "It's an interesting way we can know what our users are building without having to ask them… We don't have a clear understanding about our user community. How much do I ask so I can provide a good experience without alienating the user?"

If the system finds that a user is building a website about music, then Wix can offer music-related images or suggest that the user try the company's Wix Music service, Zuckerman said.

Jeff Kagan, an independent industry analyst, said that Google is a pioneer in using machine learning in the cloud, but the technology won't be in the mainstream for a while.

"When you combine machine learning with the cloud and all the sorts of new technologies that are coming, the future looks very exciting," Kagan said. "But that's what Google Next is all about. It's about thinking outside the box."

Dan Olds, principal analyst at Gabriel Consulting Group, said it won't be long before enterprises are using the new cloud-based machine learning tools.

"It's interesting that Google is opening up its tool box of machine-learning tools to regular schmoes," he said. "I think we're going to see in the near future a lot of new applications of machine learning that we hadn't considered before. When you combine wide open access to machine learning routines to all the data out there, it's highly likely that we'll see really different and interesting ways to apply all of this."

For enterprises that had to be slowly led to the cloud, however, adding machine learning to their arsenal may be another methodical plod.

"I think many enterprises will have to be led there, but I do see enterprises giving it a try," Olds said. "Stay tuned, because you're going to be seeing a lot of machine learning on the cloud news coming out."


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