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How network-powered analytics enable better business performance

Gary Newbold | March 4, 2014
ASIC-based network-powered application analytics can address complex requirements of network data capture, aggregation, analysis, correlation and reporting.

Gary Newbold, Extreme Networks
Photo: Gary Newbold, Extreme Networks

In today's highly connected and overly stimulated world, it is exceedingly difficult to measure user engagement, improve the mobile and social user experience and ensure the integrity of mission-critical networks.

However, the latest network-powered application analytics, ASIC-based technology addresses these complex requirements by integrating with network data that carries context of users, devices, locations and applications in use. ASIC—application-specific integrated circuit—is an integrated circuit customised for a particular use rather than intended for general-purpose procedure.

Breakthrough ASIC technology is able to capture network data and then aggregate, analyse, correlate, characterise it then finally report on it. These reports provide insights into how and why systems and users perform. Massive volumes of application usage data can be collected, analysed and reported to help focus organisations on improving user experience, engagement and organisational efficiency.

Such solutions provide visibility into application use across the network, helping organisations in four ways:

  1. Improving the experience of connected users.
  2. Enhancing organisations' understanding of user engagement.
  3. Optimising application performance.
  4. Protecting against malicious or unapproved system use.

Organisations using the technology are able to deliver significant improvements to their critical technology assets. The new solutions leverage breakthrough technology to bridge the gap between IT network management, security and business intelligence through a single integrated view. They help organisations improve user experience, while meeting the growing needs of network users and improving network performance. The benefits can be realised on networks from any Ethernet switching vendor.

Although the technology is new to Singapore, it is already operating successfully in the USA. Michelle McKenna-Doyle, CIO of the National Football League, said: "We want to deliver the most immersive and connected experience for our fans at the stadium and the new ASIC-based solution can help enhance the fan experience through its advanced analytics capabilities. In delivering insight on user application preference and usage, our teams are able to best use Wi-Fi technology to deliver an exceptional game day experience."

One version of this technology is the official Wi-Fi analytics solution for the National Football League (NFL), available to all 32 teams. The solution is currently deployed across four NFL stadiums, and provided the Wi-Fi analytics for the NFL at Super Bowl XLVIII.

"With the explosion of enterprise mobility, social and collaborative applications, network infrastructure is now viewed as an enterprise IT asset and a key contributor to optimising business applications and strategic intelligence," said Rohit Mehra, vice president, network infrastructure, IDC. "Such solutions are unique in terms of providing rich application analytics integrated within a network management platform, so enterprise IT is enabled with deep visibility and control of data, applications and users, for better business decisions, easily and efficiently."


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