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How the iPad will (or won't) change video games

A.J. Glasser | April 5, 2010
Is the iPad irrelevant to gaming and that things will stay just as they are?

Sure enough, Nintendo hasn't batted a proverbial eyelash in its strategy toward video games between the iPhone and the iPad -- they don't seem to feel any sort of disruptive effect from Apple's devices. The Nintendo DSi XL hit shelves just says before the company announced a new generation of handheld console, which will very likely feature downloadable content compatibility.

With companies like Nintendo holding steady and the iPad's role in the video game landscape still ambiguous, bold assertions that "the iPad will be the Mother of All Gaming Platforms," seem more fanatical than logical. It makes sense for many companies to have games on the iPad so that they could be out in front of consumer demand -- but it for many companies, it doesn't make sense to pin all of the future of gaming on the iPad.

Christian Svensson, Vice President of Strategic Planning and Business Development at Capcom, said it best during an MI6 session titled Game Distribution 2015: "I'm not seeing where the iPad fits into my life versus what I already have that's better."

Catching up with him after the conference, Svensson that while everybody sees downloadable games in the future (you'd have to be blind not to), he didn't necessarily see the whole gaming world owning iPads for the purpose of playing video games.

"Right now, we're on version 1.0," he told GamePro after the session ended. "Maybe the iPad 2.0 version will be more targeted to games -- but right now, I don't really have a use for [an iPad]."

If you're one of the lucky few coming home with an iPad in-hand today, check out our preliminary guide to gaming on the iPad. And if for some reason, you do experience an Earth-shattering breakthrough understanding of video games having sat down and played through Resident Evil 4 on the device, do share here in the comments.


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