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How to get IT and HR on the same page

Sarah K. White | Oct. 27, 2016
If your company views HR and IT as two separate departments, it might be time to reevaluate your thinking.

"Creating a governance structure that not only focuses on the technology evaluation and implementation phases but also establishes ongoing governance processes across every part of the organization will engender stronger chances of success," says Laverock.

HR needs IT security know-how

There are plenty of tools aimed at helping HR professionals, and it makes sense to implement that technology into the workplace, but HR also deals with an enormous amount of highly confidential data. The last thing companies want is healthcare, salary or other sensitive employee data getting into the wrong hands once it's living in the cloud or on a server. A company could find itself in legal trouble if HR data becomes exploited or lost -- and that's one of the biggest areas where IT can help HR, says Oostdam.

"When you're talking about protecting private, HR-related information, it's always best to have IT involved -- it's not a task that the HR department should handle alone. IT is best equipped to assess whether an enterprise software vendor is meeting the security requirements of the company," says Duggan.

If your IT and HR departments collaborate only on one thing, it should be security. Working closely with IT is the only way to ensure everyone stays protected; especially since HR arguably deals with even more sensitive information than IT, making security a number one priority.

Buy-in and user experience

Employees expect a certain level of usability with enterprise apps, and HR software is no exception. IT is no stranger to considering user-experience when choosing new software or hardware, so they are more than qualified to guide HR in the right direction to find the most user-friendly options, according to Duggan. Choosing the right HR software can ultimately improve employee satisfaction, engagement, productivity and efficiency, which results in less turnover, wasted time and customer or client dissatisfaction.

Aligning IT and HR boils down to revenue

IT and HR are both fundamental departments in every business and a lot of what they do directly impacts the bottom line of the company. If HR can evaluate engagement and happiness, they can ensure the workforce stays motivated and reduce turnover. For IT, if they can get the right tools into the hands of the employees, they'll likely become more productive and efficient at their jobs.

"The modern relationship between HR and IT should focus on the employee experience that both departments want to deliver. Instead of deploying an HR program in a silo, do it in an integrated fashion. Employees are interacting with various tools and technologies throughout their day, so the key is for HR and IT to integrate an HR program into the organization's current technology stack," says Duggan.


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