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How to open your ClarisWorks files for a stroll down memory lane

Christopher Phin | Nov. 19, 2014
It's easy to assume that we have it better now than we ever had it in the past. In raw numerical terms, today's computers are many thousands of times faster than the computers I grew up using in the '80s and '90s, and that has enabled the development of software that is wildly more capable but in many cases much more user-friendly than the apps I used back then. Yet say the word ClarisWorks--the name given to the precursor to iWork as Apple's office package--to a Mac user of my vintage and they'll pause for a moment, go a bit misty-eyed, and proceed to tell you with a slightly unsettling zeal how awesome and ahead-of-its-time it was.

Go on. Spend a few minutes digging out some of the things you did with ClarisWorks all those years ago, and remember as you do what a wonderful piece of software it was — software so good its legal team forced Microsoft to take the line "Best-selling Integrated Application for the Macintosh" off the box for Works, on the grounds that it was inaccurate. And in those days, a win against Microsoft was a rare and precious thing!


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