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How to prepare your website for Google algorithm updates

James A. Martin | March 24, 2016
Search engine optimization experts share advice on how marketers and SEO pros can keep up with Google's ever-changing algorithm and ensure that their websites rank prominently on the world's leading search engine.

6) Focus on mobile — but don't forget the user

Mobile is clearly the future of search, and providing quick access to the information mobile Web surfers want about your brand, products, or services is a strong SEO strategy.

"Google is in the business of returning the most relevant result possible, and now that includes having sites that are well designed for mobile devices," said Straatman. Higher quality content specific to the queries or voice commands people use to search will organically lead to higher rankings, he said.

"As we see an increase in mobile traffic, the important balance moving forward is in being able to answer website visitors' needs as quickly and as engagingly as possible," says Kyle Peterson, a partner at communications firm Clement | Peterson. "Sometimes this means providing a completely different experience for the mobile user (versus the desktop user) based on what they're trying to accomplish."

The decision to deliver a different mobile experience should "be based on the needs of that audience and understanding how those needs change as they interact with your site via mobile," Peterson added. "This can be accomplished through testing or through surveying customers and asking what type of mobile experience would make their ability to complete their interaction easier. "


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