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How to use a VPN to keep your network data safe

Jeffery Battersby | July 9, 2015
We've spent the last two weeks looking at applications you can use to protect your computer from unauthorized access: Apple's built-in firewall for incoming access and Little Snitch for monitoring both inbound and outbound network access. But how do you keep people from looking at your network traffic while you're on public Wi-Fi networks, such as those provided by your ISP, your favorite coffee shop, or the local library?

You don't need a credit card to begin using Cloak. It's free to try. You'll only need to add a credit card if you decide to continue using the service.

Next you need to set up the Cloak apps you want using Cloak's VPN service.

Setup Cloak for Mac

Cloak's Mac app is super simple to set up:

  • Download the app.
  • Drag the Cloak app to your Applications folder.
  • Open Cloak.
  • Cloak installs a menu extra in your menubar. Locate and click the menu extra.
  • Click the button that says "Log in to existing account" and enter your account information.

Once Cloak is installed and running it will automatically use VPN to secure networks with unsecure connections. You can change and manage the way the app behaves using Cloak's preferences.

The iOS app

Using Cloak on your iOS device is easy, but, although you have to install an app, it isn't as simple as downloading an app. In order to perform its magic, Cloak first needs to install a Configuration Profile to create the VPN connection you need to secure your network traffic on unsecure networks.

To install Cloak on your iOS device:

  • Download the Cloak app from the App Store.
  • Open the cloak app and enter your account information.
  • Cloak will redirect you to the Cloak website where you will be prompted to install Cloak's configuration profile.
  • Agree to each of the prompts as the configuration profile is installed.

Once the Configuration Profile is installed you will have two VPN configurations available, one that you can turn on manually and the default VPN which is turned on automatically when an unsecure network connection is detected.

If you make any settings changes to Cloak you will be prompted to re-download and install the configuration profiles to update your settings.


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