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IBM points toward managing multicloud universe

Patrick Thibodeau | March 2, 2011
But its Tivoli tool is still missing capabilities for accomplishing that goal

IBM last year said it planned to spend $20 billion buying companies through 2015. That's more than IBM has spent on acquisitions over the past 10 years.

IBM officials at the conference also didn't rule out support for Microsoft's virtualization's tools, as well public cloud environments, and indicated a list may be on the way.

For those users that have the environments that can utilize Tivoli, Dennis Quan, the director of IBM Tivoli China Development Laboratory, outlined some of the benefits of the new version of the TPM, which allows automation of provisioning and patch management, among other functions.

A highlighted improvement is its capability to rapidly deploy virtual machines, which will enable IT managers to get higher levels of utilization, Quan said.

Some of that may be due to psychology. If users know they can rapidly get new resources, they may be more willing to give up unused resources so they can be put to use elsewhere. Rapid deployment speed "has the ability to change the mind-set of a lot of users, to get them to the point where they will be willing to relinquish those resources when they are done using them," Quan said.

TPM has been designed with the ability to tolerate failures, and in an environment with thousands of VMs, it will reduce the manual work for system administrators, lowering management cost, Quan said.

"The majority of the cost of running a data center, virtualized or otherwise, is the manual work involved in keeping the system going," he said.


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