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IoT will transition from Apps to Algorithms: Gert Botha

Yogesh Gupta | June 28, 2016
Companies must build sustainable IoT solutions not just for today, but for the next decade says Gert Botha, CEO, Hive Technology.

Dubai head-quartered Hive Technology believes in accelerating the delivery of custom connected applications for end customers to realize the potential of Internet of Things / Internet of Everything.

On an India visit; Gert Botha, CEO and one of the Founding Members of Hive Technology spoke on the company's rationale to bet big on India. "In developed countries IoT related projects is 'work in progress' with payback time for these technologies around two to three years.  But it is two to three months for that same technology in developed countries like India,"says Botha at Hive Technology.

What are the definite opportunities you foresee with Hive Technology in India?

There are a lot of additional devices surfacing in the enterprise networks. But the big problem with IoT is the lack of unified protocol while integrating peoples' identity seamlessly into the network. This is a colossal opportunity as we are specifically focusing on India market. IoT implementation projects in developed countries is 'work in progress' with payback time of two to three years.  But it reduces to two to three months for that same technology in developed countries like India.

We are introducing Hive technology which can really be a value add to IoT and the new technology landscape. Our new thinking is a different paradigm as the companies need not discard their legacy IT infrastructure and thus they can derive value from our solutions from day one.

Are you implying developing countries like India are a lucrative market for IoT solutions?

Definitely. We can build IoT project right from the start and we believe it also gives an immense opportunity for the country as well to lead the technology wave. The industry's biggest issue is IoT related technology and its compliance with standards. We have configurable solutions to comply with various industry standards. The bottom-line is that tech providers have to take a quantum leap and think 'out of the box'. That's what Hive One ID delivers.

So, what's it that's so out-of-the-box about One ID?

It is mainly ahead because as at this point of time we don't see any competition. There is nobody that can provide single identification for object and person that works across multiple verticals' applications. All other identification technologies provide the configuration on the reader that collects data for specific applications and for all types of identification linked to a vertical application.

We have developed a totally secure wireless technology that enables single identification across multiple applications, known as Hive One ID. One identity on a horizontal basis makes more sense for big data as it can be quickly integrated into the company's' infrastructure. The concept of smart cities too is based on horizontal intervention.


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