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iPod buying guide and new iPods release date : Should I buy an iPod Touch, iPod Nano, or iPod Shuffle?

Martyn Casserly | July 6, 2015
We help you choose between an iPod Touch, iPod Nano, or iPod Shuffle? We'll help you find the ideal iPod in our updated buying guide. Plus: New iPod colours are said to be launching soon! Find out when the new iPod is coming out!

If you're looking to buy an iPod, which one should you choose? The iPod Touch offers far more than just a simple music player, coming equipped with essentially all the features of a fully fledged iPhone bar the call capabilities. The iPod Nano is also a capable device, but small enough to carry anywhere, while the iPod Shuffle is simple, inexpensive, and tough. It's not an easy decision, although Apple has simplified matters somewhat with the quiet retirement of the iPod Classic last October, after seven years of faithful service. In this guide we will compare the various features of each iPod - such as capacity, price, and battery life - to determine which iPod is the one best suited for your needs.

The big question right now is should you buy an new iPod, or wait for the line up to be refreshed - the iPods were last updated in September 2013!

Well it looks like new iPods might be arriving soon - at the beginning of July the launch of iTunes 12.2 revealed that new iPods may be shipping in a new range of colours - more below.

New iPod release date

The revelation that new iPods may be on the way came with the iTunes 12.2 update at the beginning of July. The iPods appear to be showing the date July 14, which has lead to speculation that they may launch on that day.

If you are thinking of buying an iPod we suggest you wait for a few weeks.

New iPod colours

Buried inside iTunes 12.2 is an image that suggests the iPod touch, iPod nano and the iPod shuffle are about to get a new look, notes MacRumors.

The image depicts iPods available in new colour options of bright pink, dark blue and gold. The silver, space grey, and red iPod colours remain.

Gold has already proven a popular choice for the iPhone and iPad, and there are rumours that a rose gold edition of the iPhone, to match the rose gold Watch, may be in the works.

The only other change to the design appears to be the fact that the wrist loop of the iPod touch, which was supposed to emphasise it's use as a camera, but is rather redundant really.

This is the first time the iPods have been refreshed since September 2013.

iPod buying guide: Which iPod is right for you?

The first question you should always ask yourself when considering a technology purchase is this - what do I want from the device? It's all well and good buying the latest and greatest gadget, but this will be a waste of money if you only intend to use a fraction of its capabilities. If all you want is some musical accompaniment while you work out at the gym, the iPod Touch is probably overkill. Conversely the Shuffle will become a very frustrating device if you were intending to use it for Facebook. To lay out some of the more basic capabilities of the various iPods available we'll start with the storage capacities of each model.


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