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iPod buying guide and new iPods release date : Should I buy an iPod Touch, iPod Nano, or iPod Shuffle?

Martyn Casserly | July 6, 2015
We help you choose between an iPod Touch, iPod Nano, or iPod Shuffle? We'll help you find the ideal iPod in our updated buying guide. Plus: New iPod colours are said to be launching soon! Find out when the new iPod is coming out!

iPod Touch: In the battle of the features, the iPod Touch is in a different category to its smaller siblings. As the only iPod to run a full version of iOS, the iPod Touch has access to the full App Store, with all the games, productivity tools, social media, and camera apps that you'd expect to find on an iPhone. The iPod Touch is also a fully functional internet device, so browsing, chatting, and shopping are all available via its 4" Retina screen. The built in camera, while not quite up to the iPhone quality, still offers great shots that will go well on Instagram or Facebook - both of which are also available. It's easily the most advanced iPod there's ever been, and with the category declining due to the proliferation of smartphones, it may also be one of the last.

iPod buying guide: Part 3: Battery Life

iPods may not have the same always-on nature of smartphones, but battery life is still an important factor for any electronic device. You might think that the iPod Shuffle would win this category due to the lack of a power-sapping screen, its diminutive size though means that it lasts for only 15 hours. This loses out to the Nano which goes for around 30 hours, and the iPod Touch - which houses the largest battery in the range -holding out for a massive 40 hours of listening time. If you watch video though, things immediately change, with the Nano affording 3.5 hours and the Touch reducing to 8 hours.

iPod buying guide: Part 4 - Price

An important part of any buying decision is knowing your budget. While most of us would love a shiny new Retina iMac, the sad reality is that the price tag means we'll have to wait a while if we want our families to have necessary food and clothing. iPods are somewhat more affordable, but the same principle should be applied when perusing the Apple store.

If you really aren't looking to spend a lot on a device, and don't mind a limited set of functions, then the Shuffle is a very tempting option at £40. Moving up to a Nano will give you a few more advanced features and eight times the storage, but the price jumps up to £129. For iPod royalty, you'll find the three models of iPod Touch priced at £159 (16GB), £199 (32GB), £249 (64GB) respectively.

iPod buying guide: Part 5 - When will they be updated?

One of the most frustrating buying experiences is to get home with your new purchase only to find it has been replaced by a newer, shinier model in the time it took you to travel back from the shops. So to set your mind at ease we've looked at the last times the current iPods were updated.


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