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It’s more than just paper-based files

Jack Loo | Dec. 21, 2012
Fuji Xerox is looking to enhance the whole value chain of document management and more.

Imagine a teleconference session that is based on Kinect technology where participants can interact with each other as if they are at the meeting in person.

This is part of the research work being carried out by engineers and scientists at the Fuji Xerox Palo Alto Laboratory (FXPAL). As a vice president of Research at FXPAL, Dr Lynn Wilcox's research work is to create a workplace of the future using advanced innovations which companies can look forward to within the next few years.

Lynn Wilcox

Lynn Wilcox, VP of research, FXPAL

She spoke to Computerworld Singapore on what her team is currently researching on and some of the technologies that will appear on enterprise workplace environments soon.

1) Can you describe some of the projects your team is researching on that will transform the enterprise workplace?

We are looking to make telepresence as realistic as possible. We are working on Kinect technology where speakers are able to walk around the conference room (in virtual reality), draw on whiteboards, and interact with each other as if they are there. This is quite different from just viewing a people that you are in a conference with, on a video screen.

Another is "Mirror World" technology where there will be virtual models and virtual worlds, so people can do interaction and monitoring, or even access and operate machines remotely. For example, the TCHO Chocolate in San Francisco is already testing this. Staff can walk around the facility and control temperature readings on the production line, as if they are there.

Social Media Analytics and Mining - Social media networks can be used within organisations for technical information sharing, feedback to management and human connections within the organisation. We are using network analysis to determine relations between people and topics of their interest as well as geographical areas that they are connected.

2) Mobile devices are becoming an integral part of Fuji Xerox's product offerings. Can you talk about some of the research Fuji Xerox has in this area?

Our focus is on exploring ways of improving the interactive experience between users and mobile devices using work/ business related purposes to add value to the printed document.

For instance, technology is growing in the areas of gamification (using game techniques in a business context). In this environment, it is possible to get sales teams to score points and improve overall turnover.

We are also looking at Embedded Media Markers (EMM). They are an improvement over QR codes which are hard to personalise. When we embed EMM into magazine content of say a dress or car, a consumer can make personal choices on colour, size and arrange for delivery in one go.


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