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Mark Shuttleworth on OpenStack: HPE layoffs prove 'big tent' approach has failed

Tamlin Magee | Nov. 1, 2016
OpenStack is not failing, it's just bullshit as a service that's failing, said the Ubuntu founder

"When you look at a public cloud vendor, it's difficult to disentangle the infrastructure as a service piece from the software as a service piece," Shuttleworth says. "OpenStack will never beat the public clouds at the software as a service piece, because you're falling further and further behind every year.

"Whereas the infrastructure as a service piece - once you get a VM of any operating system, on demand, attached to any network with any kind of disk, you are done," he explains. "So even though it's kind of late, OpenStack will be the internal infrastructure as a service of choice.

"I think it will sit alongside Azure Stack," he says. "I think Microsoft is very credibly focused on delivering a private version of its public cloud - so I think OpenStack and Azure Stack will sit next to each other very credibly inside the organisation. I'm pretty confident that for infrastructure as a service, OpenStack will be fine."


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