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Microsoft acknowledges Office 2016-El Capitan crashes but lacks ETA for fix

Gregg Keizer | Oct. 5, 2015
'We are working closely with Apple to resolve this issue,' says company manager

On the support thread, some frustrated users had a plague-on-both-your-houses attitude. "Beta testers have been reporting these crashes for several months," said Gerald Wildon. "It's inexcusable for both Microsoft and Apple to get to this point of public release of both products (OS X El Cap & Office 2016) with no resolution."

Others thought they knew whom to hold accountable. "You cannot blame Apple for this. It is down to Microsoft to test and update their own software to run on updated operating systems," wrote Frank Nicklin on the same thread Friday. "How would Apple have access to the development code for a Microsoft product?"

Still others used satire to make their point.

"If only Apple had let you get an advanced copy of El Capitan to test your products with before Apple released their new OS," said Ed Hansberry in a Thursday reply to Jeelani's message. "It is a shame they don't have a program to allow that sort of collaboration so developers can get ready for the big day."

Apple is in the process of testing OS X 10.11.1, El Capitan's first update, and has handed a preview to both developers and public beta testers, with the latest beta issued to the latter on Thursday. Computerworld installed 10.11.1 on multiple Macs Friday and although Office 2016 did not crash during that day's work cycle, application failures have been intermittent enough in the past to make any judgment about the El Capitan update premature.

At the moment, Microsoft has no answer. But one commentator on the support forum did. "I mean this with all sincerity: The best way to use Office on a Mac right now is to run Windows Office on a virtual machine," said Juls Sark.


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