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Microsoft lashes out at Adobe over Silverlight comments

Elizabeth Montalbano | Feb. 13, 2009
Microsoft is crying foul over recent comments made by an Adobe executive

But Flash has had a significant head start and adoption of the technology remains strong, according to Adobe, which has been doing some touting of its own, lately not just about Flash but also about a new technology, Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR). AIR allows developers to use the same tools with which they build Web-based applications to create desktop apps.

Two weeks ago, Adobe said the newest version of Flash, Flash 10, was installed on more than 55 percent of computers worldwide in the first two months of its release and is expected to surpass 80 percent adoption by the second quarter, the fastest installation rate of any versions of the technology. Moreover, AIR has reached nearly 100 million installations in less than a year after release.

Flash is actually gaining momentum since Microsoft released Silverlight, according to comScore research for 2008 that shows Flash increasing its worldwide share of video on the Web from 66 percent to more than 80 percent.

Also, although Silverlight has scored some high-profile Web sites as customers, enterprise developers have said its adoption among businesses -- a scenario in which it actually has an advantage over Flash because of Microsoft's historical strength in that market and the ability of developers to use .NET tools to build Silverlight applications -- has been lackluster.

Developers cited Silverlight 2's launch during an economic recession -- when businesses, particularly enterprises, are hesitant to adopt new technologies -- as a factor hampering its adoption.


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