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MongoDB launches 'Stitch' backend as a service tool to simplify app development

Tom Macaulay | June 23, 2017
Cloud database service MongoDB Atlas has also been rolled out across all major cloud platforms.


Document database company MongoDB has launched a new product that it promises will simplify application development. MongoDB Stitch is a backend as a service tool (BaaS) that makes it easy for developers to integrate third-party services into their applications without having to constantly write boilerplate code or compromise security.

The range of web services has proliferated since MongoDB was founded ten years ago, and modern web and mobile apps often have to connect to a number of them to create a first-rate end user experience.

Building apps to this standard typically requires developers to write a lot of "glue code" to incorporate different third party services on a continuous basis as they change. Such code is repetitive to write, prone to errors, and takes time away from building the central product at the front end of the application.

Stitch is designed to remove these barriers by giving developers an API to MongoDB that lets them configure the different services they want to include in their application.

"Think about a mobile app," Mongo Cloud VP Sahir Azam explained to Computerworld UK. "You might be writing user registration information into MongoDB, but then you need to build that customer via a third party service like Stripe. You might need to integrate with Twilio to send a text message confirming somebody's account and registration.

"There's all manner of third party services that need to be combined to ultimately create a business process for an application. What Stitch does is it allows you to create pipelines and workflows very cleanly in a UI that ties together all those services and guarantees interaction within them.

"For example, you're not going to want to charge a credit card twice and add the Stripe API twice - that would be a problem - but it may be completely fine to send multiple text messages if one didn't go through. So it's having that rules-based approach instead of having to code that all into the front end of an application or build middleware code to connect the dots."


MongoDB Stitch history

"MongoDB" is an abbreviation of "humongous database", a fitting choice of name for a company whose objective is saving time on database management.

"The one thing we focus on the most is making developers productive," MongoDB CTO Elliot Horowitz told Computerworld UK at MongoDB World, the company's annual developer conference in Chicago. "If you look at any data around where companies spend money, developer time is the bulk of it."


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