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Moving beyond the ‘Dumb Pipe’ with Big Data

Louis Brun, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific - Guavus | April 29, 2014
The challenge facing mobile operators is adapting their business models to better understand how data can be used and applied within the business for more efficient operations, and how deploying new technology will enable them to extract timely insights from this data deluge for increased revenue.

Advertising acrobats

Advertising and marketing campaigns can be something of a leap of faith. While marketers will have researched their target market and tested out theories, they can never know if a campaign will be successful until it is launched, and then they have to wait until the campaign is over to analyse the data to determine its success.

By having analytical capabilities to monitor audience reactions in near real-time, marketers can dynamically make tweaks and necessary improvements to ensure the best returns. Having this agility makes marketing dollars more accountable and gives marketers the hard data to adjust their investments accordingly.

Positioned for success

Operators have a golden opportunity to provide a whole new generation of data-led marketing and service offerings. Once in place, packaged and sold to third parties, this new approach will enable operators to create new revenue streams. In order for operators to take advantage of this opportunity, they need to act now and change the way they view and interact with their data. Not only will this help with customer acquisition, retention and increased revenues in the short-term, it will also provide a model for data-led marketing that will enable operators to carve a position for themselves, not as 'dumb pipes', but as innovative market-leaders in a data-rich economy. 



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