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New enterprise software targets travel industry

Veronica C. Silva | July 11, 2011
Solution allows travel companies to collaborate faster to bring responsive services and campaigns to the market.

A new enterprise solution by Progress Software is giving players in the travel and tourism industry opportunities to collaborate closely to enable them to ramp up their offerings faster.

Progress Software Corporation recently launched its Progress Responsive Travel Alliances solution which allows companies in the travel industry to improve their alliance through IT systems.

The solution accelerator allows travel companies to draw valuable inputs from their integrated multiple central reservation systems and offer their customers relevant and timely offers, including promotions and marketing campaigns.  

The integrated reservation system allows travel representatives to view shared information and act on every shared passenger at each touch point. To the passenger, it is as if he or she is talking to one and the same services provider.

From a marketing perspective, the solution allows travel companies to launch new products and services at a shorter timeframe to bring in revenues faster.

Industry challenges

Progress Software said the solution is timely as the travel industry experiences pressures to bring in revenues despite volatile fuel prices, rising maintenance costs and labour issues.

"Alliances, code-shares and revenue partnerships are emerging as attractive growth strategies for airlines," said Joshua Norrid, industry vice president for travel and leisure, Progress Software. "However, the integration work necessary to successfully bring these partnerships together typically involves high development costs, elongated timelines and complex, risky projects. This is largely due to the sea of systems that must be interconnected, the different standards that are in place among partnering carriers and the inherent complexities of reliable data exchange."

Progress Software said its solution can be easily adapted to existing legacy IT systems as well as integrated into proprietary business processes. It can also integrate between central reservation systems.


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