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Next-Generation Security: A Thousand Mile Journey Begins with a Single Step

Dick Bussiere, Technical Director, Asia Pacific, Tenable Network Security | Dec. 15, 2016
We need to think beyond the traditional layered approach as technologies continue to evolve.

Best practices

  1. Following these best practices, take each part of the mission one step at a time:
  2. Inventory all your assets - You can't protect what you aren't aware of.
  3. Continuously assess device vulnerabilities - vulnerabilities are a direct and ready path for compromise of your traditional and cloud environments.
  4. Assess application vulnerabilities - as your environment migrates to the cloud, your main focus will change to application vulnerabilities rather than device vulnerabilities. Make sure you are assessing new technologies such as containers and containers and microservices.
  5. Audit security configurations - Misconfigurations in device settings, cloud applications and cloud services are just as dangerous as software vulnerabilities.
  6. Monitor and analyse all logs -Check network and device logs, but also be sure to monitor application, cloud service and cloud infrastructure logs.
  7. Monitor and analyse all user accounts -check user controls and their access to all applications to ensure that people have access to what they need and nothing more.
  8. Monitor and analyse all network traffic - As you leave the confines of your perimeter, you need to constantly check the traffic and behaviour in the cloud.
  9. Respond to all incidents - Incidents should be prioritised, based on the intelligence you have gathered along the way. Stop and respond to critical incidents that impact your progress.
  10. Automate analysis - The final step requires trust in the data and analytics you have gathered. Just as it requires trust in technology to ride a self-driving car, so your journey into the future of security takes a while to achieve trust in cloud deployments.

Reaching your destination

The transition from defence in depth security to comprehensive security requires planning, a detailed map and accurate directions. The route may be long, but your end goal is readily achieved if you take it one step at a time. Plan your efforts wisely and map out your priorities carefully to move toward your destination of comprehensive security for a brighter, more resilient future.


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