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Office for iPad marks end of the platform wars

Jonny Evans | March 28, 2014
Microsoft's purported plan to launch Office for iPad today is a watershed moment because it hints at a platform-agnostic technology future.

This means the importance of platforms will inevitably shrink as the lock-in value of them declines. When you can do what you want on any system, then choosing which system to use will be wide open, while the importance of services -- and applications are services -- will grow.

It's way too early to say if Microsoft Office will thrive in this platform-agnostic future -- there are many more competitors in the productivity software market than before; but it's also way too early to say it will fail.

What you can say is that in embracing such a future, Microsoft is finally becoming involved in an evolving tech landscape in which the platforms you use matter far, far less than the work you need to do with them..

Source: Computerworld


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