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Olive IT implements secure mailing solution for AP Mahesh Bank on open source

Varsha Chidambaram | Aug. 29, 2013
Olive Data Centre earned long-term business and a lasting friendship by building a complete open source mailing solution for Mahesh Bank.

With the architecture design project out of the way, Rajhans was ready to concentrate on the mailing solution. As a solution to Mahesh Bank's mailing problem, Mohite proposed taking the open source route.

But Rajhans wasn't going to hand over the mailing project to Mohite simply based on their ingrained friendship. He had the option of going with big guns like Microsoft and IBM. In any case, what advantages could an open source option have to offer compared to the well-established modes? For Mohite, his previous deed had won him the privilege of a hearing. He intended to make the most of it. He used the opportunity to demonstrate VMware's open source mailing solution, Zimbra, at the bank's premises.

That was a foot-in-the-door nevertheless, but more had to be done. The POC demonstrated that the Zimbra solution had all the features that the other two solutions (MS Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes) promised, but more importantly, it was cheaper and cost-effective. "The competition with Exchange was a tough one. To overcome it, we ran the POC for twos weeks," says Mohite.

But Rajhans was still not convinced.

Open dilemma

Open source, still, hadn't given Rajhans enough reasons to supplant names like IBM and Microsoft.

Mohite's instinct and experience kicked. Having spent a significant amount of time in the banking industry, he knew that security concerns would always plague Rajhans, who was also the bank's CISO. He knew the bank would value a data leakage prevention package that could protect e-mail attachments along with the proposed solution. This was going to be his unique selling-point and his pitch to bag the deal.

Flexibility is the edge that open source solutions have over any proprietary alternatives. Given its expertise in open source, Olive Data Centre was capable of bundling a DLP solution and integrating it with the Zimbra offering. This wouldn't have been possible with either Microsoft or IBM. That swung the deal in favor of Olive Data Centre. "The TCO benefits tilted the bank towards Zimbra over Exchange," says Mohite. Having delivered the essential, it was a no-brainer. Olive Data Centre had the deal in the bag.

And, Rajhans didn't regret the decision. Olive Data Centre implemented the Zimbra solution on the Ubuntu platform, choosing the cluster mode. While this feature was available in the more expensive Red Hat Linux platform, Mohite suggested the bank move to Ubuntu. Rajhans agreed. This provided double redundancy such that if one server goes down, another one backs it up seamlessly.

"Olive Data Centre understood our business need, and because of Pravin's background in banking, he could understand our requirement for integrating all applications with core banking. He knew compliance took priority. No other vendor could have given us this sort of support," says Rajhans.


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