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OPINION: Betting on Enterprise Data Warehousing

Noel Pettitt | Aug. 16, 2011
Gaming industry places its bets on Enterprise Data Warehousing for better patron experience.

In the case of Foxwoods Resort Casino, it took seven months and countless hand-coded customised scripts before it started to reap the benefits of its new data warehouse appliance. Foxwoods had been collecting and analysing player gaming data for years, but wanted to add hotel and retail data to the mix to improve its marketing analytics and campaign management capabilities which was made possible by implementing an enterprise data warehouse appliance supported by BI tools.

Gaming with an EDW 

Gaming companies that use an enterprise data warehouse (EDW) environment are accessing and utilising their data to effectively grow their businesses. But more importantly, many of these companies are now evolving beyond pure analysis [what happened?] to predicting [what will happen and why?], operationalising [what is happening right now?], and automated decision-making [what do I want to happen?].

Business intelligence with the help from data warehouse can even establish how to arrange the casino's interior to become more attractive. Analyses show that frequent customers should be able to use instant grant when they hit a losing streak - anything to entice new and regular customers to stay, have fun and spend more money.

Successful gaming companies today are evolving their capabilities to develop, manage, and execute optimal patron experiences wherever they interact across the business. What patron experiences do most gaming companies consider optimal? Those experiences that are created by personalised, compelling value propositions and are delivered consistently across all channels, so that patrons feel they are personally recognised and remembered wherever they interact with a company. Optimal experiences collectively result in high-value patron retention and loyalty - which in turn drive patron optimisation.

Web Analytics

Increasingly, casino patrons are choosing the Web channel rather than call centres or travel agents to research and book trips to gaming properties. Online booking, which is fast becoming the preferred channel for many patrons, is also a valuable tool for driving traffic to traditional booking sources. Today, successful gaming companies leverage their brand strategies across the e-channel to build a multi-channel strategy that keeps pace with competitors, increases patron loyalty and grows share of wallet in the long term.

Web Analytics helps gaming companies gain insight into patron booking behaviour, the impact of the Web channel on traditional channels, and the effectiveness of promotions within the Web channel. This insight enables gaming businesses to maximise the potential of this fastest growing contributor in the multichannel mix.

Web Analytics enables gaming companies to understand patron purchasing behaviour by analysing patron interactions, promotional effectiveness and site usability, and by providing retailers with detailed, real-time patron data. Additionally, it helps gaming enterprises predict patron behaviour, promotional effectiveness, and sales and profit contribution across patron interaction channels.


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