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Organisations prefer employees to bring their own devices

Anuradha Shukla | July 27, 2011
Findings from Citrix Bring-Your-Own Index

Ninety-two percent of IT organisations are aware that employees are using their own devices in the workplace, according to the results of the Citrix Bring-Your-Own (BYO) Index.

About 94 percent of organisations surveyed said they intend to have a formal BYO policy in place by mid-2013.

Citrix Systems, which provides virtual computing solutions, notes that the primary drivers of BYO adoption include attracting and retaining the highest quality talent, increasing worker productivity and mobility as well as ensuring greater employee satisfaction.

Sixty-two percent of organisations have already invested or plan to invest in desktop virtualisation technology that allows management of Windows-based desktops centrally in the data centre, and then deliver them to all types of users across the enterprise.

"There are two reasons that BYO is being embraced within organisations," said Mick Hollison, vice president, desktop marketing and strategy, for Citrix.

"There are those that are using BYO to keep up with the rapid consumerisation of enterprise IT and then there are forward-thinking CIOs who have embraced BYO as a way to attract the best talent, encourage a flexible working environment and raise productivity levels."

Investing in desktop virtualisation

Eighty percent of the organisations that have already invested or plan to invest in desktop virtualisation said they want to leverage their desktop virtualisation investment to support employee-owned devices and BYO. 

"Desktop virtualisation enables IT to fundamentally rethink the way user hardware is provisioned by making a reliance on a limited number of corporate-standard PCs, laptops and smartphones a thing of the past," said Hollison. "It also provides a safe way of delivering a desktop to any employee, on any device, wherever they are, with a consistent high definition user experience."

The survey also revealed that the laptop and smartphone are the most popular devices brought into the workplace today.

But this trend is set to change as most companies anticipate that the use of tablet computers as the primary personal computing device will rise significantly to almost 23 percent within two years.


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