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Perform to User Standards

Wang Daqiang | July 29, 2011
Application performance management and its place in your enterprise infrastructure.

Regional Vice President of Compuware Asia and India, N. Evered, recently gave Computerworld Singapore his keen insights on the evolution of enterprise IT, the value of application performance management (APM), and what his company is doing to help customers derive the most from their information resources.

Tell us about your APM solution's place within the context of your overall business strategy and your entire family of solutions to date.
Compuware’s APM solution is about examining and optimizing the way applications are delivered from the organization to the end user. The solution starts from the end-user point of view and provides a set of technology and best practices to the organization where they are able to quickly able to understand the end-user satisfaction level and provide the drill-down visibility on any web performance issue right down to the data-center. This is an important component of our business strategy as we are probably the only software company that is able to provide end-to-end visibility across the entire application delivery chain.

Coupled with our traditional strengths in business portfolio and mainframe solutions, Compuware is providing a more accurate and holistic view of the organizations performance, but not from the “inside-out” approach where infrastructure is being monitored in silos, but more from the “outside-in” scenario where we believe this is the only view that really matters to any organization that values customer-centricity.

What has the impact of increasing cloud deployments been on your business strategy and product development, packaging and delivery moving forward?
The increasing cloud deployments come as a natural state of the industry and in fact, cloud initiatives are not new. While there are many benefits for cloud computing for companies, there are also many challenges that they are facing in terms of performance and monitoring. The emergency of public clouds has added to an already complex application delivery chain and with cloud, the delivery chain stretches from complex data centre infrastructure, across the internet or a corporate WAN and finally to the the browser on a user’s computer.

With the increasing use of smartphones and other mobile devices, there is also added complexity as the data moves across telecom operator systems to their mobile device. As application performance is largely reliant on this chain, a failure or slowdown of a component anywhere in the delivery chain will cause the whole application to fail or slow down.

As is typical with any such evolution, from innovation to early adoption and finally into the mainstream, cloud services are now facing age-appropriate demands to be more reliable, predictable, and measurable.

At an extension of Compuware’s expertise, we have developed CloudSleuth as a free value-added service to constantly monitor cloud providers in order to do two things – see if they consistently meet their promised levels of service, and provide operational insights to the troubleshooting process when services are not performing as expected. CloudSleuth provides the community with an independent view and can be used as a basis for developing and sharing best practices for cloud performance monitoring and as an information exchange point for practitioners to learn and observe how service providers are meeting their objectives and promises.

Talk about cloud adoption in Asia.
The adoption of cloud services in Asia has been varied as organizations move to discover and leverage the best form of cloud – these could be public, private or hybrid clouds. Organizations these days are, in one way or another, using attributes of the cloud. The most important issue is to view cloud initiative as a business enabler and ensure that there is adequate security, coupled with robust performance management and monitoring.

Does Compuware leverage the cloud in the running of its own business?
Compuware leverages many attributes of the cloud in delivering its business operations.

Give us an indication of the level of integration between your different product lines today–as in how Gomez, Changepoint etc can be made to work together quickly and effectively–and how important it is to Compuware's business and its different customers.
The recent frustration faced by Singapore Airlines customers on their website was a testament as to how important it was to understand web performance from the end-user point of view.

In some of the best-run organizations that Compuware work with, Gomez provides the visibility not only from the technology perspective, but from the business perspective, allowing our customers to not only pinpoint the source of the problem but determine the business impact. Once the source of problem has been identified, the solution via Compuware solutions or others can easily be identified and implemented. While providing diagnostics is one area of focus, Compuware allows many scenarios where organizations simulate data on say, load testing, cross browser, multi-device environments.

Compuware also provides public benchmarks across selected organizations across major industries and countries. This provides visibility on who are the top website performers in terms of response time, availability and consistency. This helps organizations to understand how they are performing viz-a-viz competitors.

Elaborate on Compuware's plans to leverage the cloud to grow its business in the next 1-3 years.
Our partnership with major players like Amazon and Microsoft on CloudSleuth will continue to be the industry standard for performance visibility.

Compuware also continues to make serious investments in resources as well as complimentary technologies. Our continued investments in Asia are a testament to our business growth and our recent acquisition of dynaTrace, extends our end-to-end solution down to the development level. With the combined Compuware and dynaTrace solution, customers receive the industry’s only true, seamless application life-cycle coverage that: eliminates data smog and blind spots; provides the industry’s most comprehensive and accurate transaction coverage to ensure every user interaction performs optimally; offers the market’s broadest application coverage, which is critical to fully taking advantage of agile and cloud technologies; and, delivers unparalleled first-mile-to-last-mile visibility to quickly identify and resolve performance problems across the application delivery chain.


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