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Perot created jobs in India, as well as rural U.S.

Patrick Thibodeau | Sept. 22, 2009
Dell sees room for savings in merger, but has given no specifics yet

Dell didn't provide specifics on what might that mean to headcount in today's call, other than to say that the acquisition is "really about growth."

On the issue for completing work offshore, Dell said, "I think there are great opportunities here in the United States, and we should also remember that 96 per cent of the population lives outside the United States and there are some great opportunities there as well," he said.

After Hewlett-Packard acquired another Perot-founded firm, EDS, for $13.9 billion in August 2008, it quickly announced plans to cut about 24,600 employees over three years at both companies as part of the post-acquisition restructuring.

In August, HP also cut salaries of some EDS employees , some as much as 50 per cent. HP officials said it cut wages was to way ensure that employees at EDS and HP, holding the same roles, receive comparable compensation.

EDS employed 137,000 workers at the time of its acquisition with 47,000 based in the U.S. at the time of the acquisition.


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