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Pushing the Malaysian software testing envelope: MSTB interview

AvantiKumar | June 28, 2013
In addition to SOFTEC 2013, MSTB’s president details initiatives to further build Malaysia’s software testing industry such as considering the recruitment of people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD)..

In an interview with Computerworld Malaysia, The Malaysian Software Testing Board (MSTB) president Mastura Abu Samah takes stock of past, current and future initiatives to develop the home grown software testing to the level  needed to take on the global market. As well as tracking progress to becoming a regional software testing hub, Mastura also details some of the topics that will be covered at this year's upcoming regional SOFTEC conference.

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Photo - Mastura Abu Samah. President, Malaysian Software Testing Board (MSTB)


In what way has awareness and competence of Malaysia's software testing industry changed  in the last two years [also what the picture looks like today compared to when MSTB launched its first regional conference in 2008]?

Both awareness and competence level have improved significantly over the last two years.

The increase in awareness is evidenced by an increasing number of participants, particularly from the industry, in SOFTEC, Software Testing Straight Talk and other events that we have organised.

The details are:

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Notably, the increase has come mainly from industry participants. The industry has clearly acknowledged the importance and relevance of software testing to their businesses and operations.

In addition, we noted the following trends:

Increase in visitations to Q-Lab:

In 2012 Q-Lab hosted 21 visits from various public & private organisations (both domestic and international) as well as from Institutes of Higher Learning (students and lecturers).

There is also an emergence of open tenders by private and public organisations, which includes specific requirements for independent software testing.

Over the last two years, the number of certified testers in Malaysia has increased from 774 (end of 2010) to 1,768 (end of 2012). The number has now surpassed the 2,000 mark.

Much of the increase is attributed to the Q-Capability Development - an intervention programme to accelerate the increase in certified software testers in Malaysia.

However, we also note that a number of organisations have started to send their employees (in numbers) for certification, using their own funds. This is an indication that more and more organisations have become aware and they are convinced about the value of certification to their business/operations.

Nevertheless, there is still much to do in building our competence. We hope to ramp the number up faster through our Academic Outreach programme, which seeks to facilitate enhancement of existing software engineering offerings in Malaysian universities through incorporation of industry-developed software testing and requirements engineering curriculum.  


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