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Q&A: Demands of Big Data

Zafar Anjum | Oct. 1, 2013
Make no mistake, Big Data is coming to our region and soon. You can feel it just by looking at hard disk drive sizes, says CEO of Acronis, Serguei Beloussov.

Big Data brings a lot of unique challenges to our industry - how do you back up multiple petabytes of data in the reasonable time? How do you ensure durability of the data? At Big Data volumes, probability of unrecognisable error during handling of the data could no more be discarded as negligible. So, Big Data is a challenge, and we are actively working on a new breed of technologies and solutions tailored for Big Data environments.

Big Data adoption rates are still slow in the region. Why?

What fuels adoption of Big Data globally is the transformation from quantity of data into quality of data, meaning that at some point you can derive unique value from your whole data set that you cannot derive from smaller amounts. Perhaps it is just that the quantity of data gathered in the region has not reached a critical point. 

But make no mistake, Big Data is coming to our region and soon. You can feel it just by looking at large hard disk drive size - what was 3TB this year is going to be 4TB next year, and this is driven by demand to store increasing amounts of data. At this pace we would have 25TB single drives in 2020. All data around us is destined to become Big Data. That's why we are actively working on new products to support Big Data requirements.

How should companies approach back up and DR to become more competitive?

Companies should think not only about Data Protection, but also about continuity of their Business. It is very important to be able to restore data, but to withstand competition it is even more important to maintain their business processes - and it requires restoring Systems in a matter of minutes. Acronis image-based technology allows recovering data, business applications and systems as a whole and (uniquely for the industry) return them to operation immediately, even before the recovery process is fully completed. It can be done to any virtual or hardware infrastructure, making disaster recovery fast and simple. According to Meta Group, Enterprise downtime can cost from US$1 to US$2.8 million an hour, thus we at Acronis work hard to make downtime as short as possible.

Data is now the most valuable asset for many companies. The widespread adoption of Virtualisation and Cloud Computing, alongside tablets, smartphones and the Apple Mac within businesses significantly increases the risk of data loss and leakage, which cannot be prevented with conventional approaches using outdated technologies from legacy vendors. 

Companies are adopting new technologies faster than they can plan effective data protection strategies. Yet, IT is responsible for data protection across all technologies and environments. After all, data can only be utilised if it can be securely accessed, protected and available regardless of platform or environment, tablet or smartphone. 


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