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Q&A: The time is now for Big Data

Zafar Anjum | July 1, 2013
Rick Theiler, Vice President, Asia Pacific, CommVault Systems, elaborates on Big Data trends in Singapore and the region.

Rick Theiler

Rick Theiler, Vice President, Asia Pacific, CommVault Systems, elaborates on Big Data trends in Singapore and the region.

Big data is one of the most hyped terms today. Is it still a promise or has its time come?

I would argue that big data has been with us in Asia Pacific for a long time already, but what has now changed is the way companies are able to create a genuine business differential to their competitors through the effective management and analysis of that big data. 

Industry analysts estimate the amount of data produced globally more than doubles every two years - 1.8 trillion gigabytes in 500 quadrillion "files". Across all industry sectors and even within the small and medium businesses sector in Singapore our customers are experiencing data growth of between 30 percent and 50 percent in the next 18 months. That is not gigabyte volume increases, but for companies of that scale, managing such growth still represents a massive challenge - especially when trying to use that data to establish a competitive advantage.

CommVault has long recognised that this scale of data growth and generation would occur and that growth will continue at similar rates for the foreseeable future. This is why we developed a single platform, fully scalable solution enabling our customers to protect, manage and access "all things data" while delivering greater business insight. 

When managed properly, big data can provide organisations with the intelligence to run their business more effectively, to mobilise their workforce through secured remote access, and the ability to gain customer insight through advanced data analytics. We have many customers in the Asia Pacific region, like the Stock Exchange of Thailand, for example, utilising additional business insight from effective management of unstructured data assets like email or social media or video. Being able to easily track and retrieve this data means more advanced analysis can be applied with quicker legislative compliance responsiveness.

The ability to generate, manage and store more data only has value if it enables a company to extract more insight and improve business performance in a way that would not have been possible before. The fact that more and more companies can now achieve this means the time of big data is now!

What kind of action do you see on the ground in terms of big data technology deployments?

Organisations are now focused on gaining new insights and intelligence from the huge amounts of data they are both capturing from external sources and generating internally.

One example of where our customers are doing this on the ground right now in Singapore is at The National Institute of Education. They needed to increase the volume of the information being gathered quarterly for the internal Customer Satisfaction Survey. The survey feedback is used to identify trends, requirements and improvements to the future state of IT service provision at the institute.


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