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Ramco Systems: Going beyond ERP

Zafar Anjum | Feb. 26, 2013
Indian IT company Ramco Systems has been around for about two decades. Will it finally make it in the tough ERP market with its ERP on cloud and ‘Beyond ERP’ message?

The evidence on the ground is that the plan is inching towards success. Its Ramco ERP on Cloud, and other products are gaining popularity in markets such as US and Australia. The company employs 1800 professionals across 17 offices spread across US, Canada, Europe, India, APAC, ANZ, Middle East and Africa and has key customers such as Avaya, Caterpillar, CitiGroup, Eurocopter, GE, Henkel, and Intel, among others.

The company recently announced the results for the third quarter of financial year 2012-13 and reported that its global income including revenues from subsidiaries in USA, Canada, Switzerland, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa and Dubai stood at US$12.36 million for the quarter ended 31 December 2012.

During the third quarter of financial year 2012-13, Ramco saw good traction for Ramco ERP on Cloud in Americas and added SPATIAL capability to its ERP product line with Google Maps.

With the success of its aviation software and some recognition of its ERP product worldwide, Venketrama Raja sees his company broadening its appeal. "We are not just an ERP product company," he says. "ERP forms only part of a complete solution for a company. We are a complete enterprise platform which brings together all the pieces. Just to give you a few examples, ERP is about transaction processing so transaction processing gathers all the data together. Then you have the analytics which brings all the things together and analyses something. Based on analysis you've got to make decisions so you need the business intelligence and all those sorts of things. You also need a product to be based on to optimise and make on-time decisions. Then you need something to extend beyond the enterprise. You call it the extended ERP. Then you also need to bring in other product lines like human resource management and extended ERP and distribution management which will make it a very powerful eco-system for an enterprise to truly get the vision of what ERP originally set out to be. So we are a complete enterprise solution and ERP is only a small part of what we do."

In his opinion, what his company is trying to do is something which is beyond ERP. "The problem here today is the industry is messaging that it is beyond ERP," he says. "I don't think the language is there yet in the market. So we have to bring people and say, "Okay, we are ERP" and then show them it's beyond. I think the language is not there; that's where we struggle because we cannot say, "We are ERP plus BI plus this, this and this." We can't keep saying that altogether. What does this all mean? It's an enterprise platform, which makes an enterprise's life far simpler and far more valid. How do you bring that message out? It's difficult when you have to implement a language to describe this."

With time, Venketrama Raja's ambitions have only grown bigger and it seems his team's efforts are finally going to pay off. It is still early days but the signs are good.


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