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Raspberry Pi Roundup: Watching for the meter-reader, driving Lego cars and sweet art

Jon Gold | Oct. 27, 2016
Another Raspberry Pi must have: dedicated gif camera

Technology and art have gone well together ever since someone realized that a burnt stick could be used to draw pictures of buffalo and naked people on the walls of caves. A slightly more sophisticated application of technology, however, can be seen here, thanks to Bruce Shapiro’s Sisyphus, a sand-table installation that procedurally generates some really fascinating patterns.

The guts of it, of course, are a Raspberry Pi, and the system uses a magnet to pull a ball around the table, making trails in the sand. It can even be programmed, and Shapiro said on his Kickstarter page that he thinks of Sisyphus as almost a musical instrument, and that part of the idea is to “inspire a community of composers to ‘write’ for it.”

A Sisyphus table isn’t cheap – $795 for an end table is the least expensive option at the moment – but these are undeniably cool.


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