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RBS looks to improve customer satisfaction by unlocking its web chat data

Scott Carey | June 27, 2016
The big bank is using data wrangling company Trifacta to improve customer service

Now that his team can analyse the chat logs in full they can start to look at the context of the conversations, "we can use sentiment analysis to understand if they are doing a good or bad job and give a fairer assessment," said Jermyn. 

RBS can also tie in other proprietary data sources and layer on data visualisation tools from SAS to provide insight such as uptake of certain products from customers and geographic analysis.

For example, Jermyn's team saw that they had poor customer satisfaction in Australia and couldn't work out why. They soon realised that expats and holidaymakers weren't able to access key online products while they were down for maintenance, which is generally early in the morning UK time. RBS discovered that it "had a UK centric view of the world", said Jermyn. 

Jermyn is now able to proliferate this sort of capability across the thousand-strong analytics team within RBS. "We want to be agile, we don't want there to be any technology blockers. If they have an idea to improve stuff for customers they should be able to," he said.

What next?

It looks like this is just the first step for Trifacta and RBS. Jermyn sees a huge opportunity to go one step further if his team were able to analyse telephony data in the same way.

He said: "There is voice and text stuff we are looking at to apply to the work we have done already. [Voice] is a massive source of what customers are saying that we want access to. When you look at web chat it is 250,000 chats per month but telephony is twenty million calls a year."

He says RBS is looking at translation services as the first step for this project already.

Source: Computerworld UK 


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