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Jack Loo | Feb. 26, 2013
Eveready Industries India easily upgraded its Oracle E-Business Suite thanks to Panaya’s SaaS technology.

When Eveready Industries India's CIO Arup Choudhury had to upgrade his organisation's Oracle E-Business Suite from 11.5.X to R12.1.3 to comply with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), he soon realised that the upgrade was no simple matter.

Testing was taking too much time and there was difficulty pinpointing which of the customised codes would break in 12.1. Eveready could not afford to have system problems after the go-live so it began looking for solutions that could help.

Eveready, the flagship company of the B.M. Khaitan-led Williamson Magor Group, sells more than one billion units a year and has six manufacturing plants across India. Since 2005, Eveready has relied on Oracle's E-Business Suite (EBS) to power its operations and ensure delivery to its global customer base. The company had been running EBS 11.5.X since 2007. But regulatory rulings meant that all Indian companies have to be compliant to the IFRS.

On a fact-finding trip in June 2012, CIO Arup Choudhury learned about Panaya's SaaS technology. The results of a demo shined a light on his upgrade challenge. The Panaya solution was able to track the customised code and document what had changed from 11i to R12.

In July, Eveready signed up for a subscription and immediately began using Panaya for unit testing and code corrections. "The testing team could actually pinpoint what needed to be changed, which would have taken a long time otherwise," Choudhury said. "Our testing people were pretty impressed."

Utilising a cloud-based supercomputer, Panaya simulates the upcoming upgrade, automatically pinpointing which custom programs will break as a result of the upgrade, automatically fixing most of these problems. Panaya's testing solutions expedite ERP testing and eliminate the need for manual test script maintenance.

Once Panaya was brought in, the upgrade project was over in two months, cutting the projected project duration by six months - a 60 percent reduction. Panaya also saved Eveready 50 percent on code corrections as well as 50 percent on unit testing, and US$60,000 in outsourcing costs.

And because Eveready didn't need to outsource their testing and code corrections, they were able to better control the project. "We would recommend that companies planning to upgrade to R12 use Panaya to ensure peace of mind and potentially save time, money, and hassle," said Choudhury.


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