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Review: Drafts for iPhone and iPad

Dan Frakes | Jan. 2, 2013
It's easy enough to cut and paste text between apps, but these days, much of my iOS-composed text starts out in the aptly named Drafts, a stellar app from Agile Tortoise. Available for both the iPad ($3) and the iPhone ($2), Drafts is a catch-all bucket for typing messages, jotting down ideas, storing templates, and--just as useful--doing things with that text when it and you are ready.

Drafts also offers a number of appearance options, including three color themes, 17 fonts, and adjustable font size.

I do have a couple complaints about the app. For one, Drafts's settings are hidden at the bottom of the Share popover, which isn't where you'd expect settings to be found. And you have to configure each action individually--I'd like to be able to configure common options globally, and then tweak a particular action's settings when necessary. Related to this, I also wish Drafts would sync my action settings, mail actions, and other settings among devices so I wouldn't have to go through the (sometimes laborious) setup process multiple times.

But these complaints are minor compared to the overwhelming utility of Drafts. As someone who does a lot of text-oriented work on my iPad and iPhone, Drafts has found a permanent place on my first Home screen. It takes much of the pain out of iOS's textual limitations, and it lets me focus on my text, rather than what I'll eventually do with it.


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