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SAS acquisition will help Malaysian digital advertisers

AvantiKumar | Feb. 28, 2012
The future for advertisers is in mobile and video ads: SAS Malaysia

Andrew Tan, Managing Director of SAS Malaysia

PHOTO - Andrew Tan, Managing Director of SAS Malaysia.


Business analytics firm SAS said that its acquisition of aiMatch, which provides cloud-based ad server technology, will help bring advanced analytics to Malaysia's digital advertising industry.

"SAS' advanced analytics combined with aiMatch's technology will provide publishers with an end-to-end solution to help manage, forecast, optimise and measure ad inventory in order to maximise ad revenue," said SAS Malaysia managing director Andrew Tan, adding that current aiMatch customers include APN Digital, Photobucket, Pinger and Popcornflix.

Tan said the digital advertising sector was one of the fastest growing potential markets for advanced analytics. "Last year US$32 billion was spent on online advertising in the United States and the market is projected to reach US$50 billion by 2015 [eMarketer, June 2011].  The local digital advertising industry has the same trend with greater focus and bigger spending in online media which is more far-reaching and interactive than traditional advertisement mediums."

"The future for advertisers is in mobile ads and video ads, as mobile ads are expected to overtake social media and email by 2016," he said. "Despite its size the digital ad market is fragmented and lacks purpose-built analytical applications, making it difficult for publishers to effectively manage ad inventory and optimise profitability."

SAS will integrate aiMatch into its Integrated Marketing Management platform, added Tan. "Combining aiMatch's technology, SAS would now be able to help advertisers and publishers to connect the targeted ad to a specific buyer demographic."

"Digital advertising has huge potential to benefit from the application of advanced analytics," said SAS Malaysia marketing director, Iriani Kamaluddin. "Publishers lack a solution to help them efficiently manage ad inventory. Advanced analytics will help determine optimal ad pricing, audience and inventory to yield maximum ad revenue."


 Shift to real-time bidding

"As the digital ad market shifts toward real-time bidding, advanced analytics provide advertising executives the ability to process and reallocate ad inventory in real-time, whether via video, mobile, display or other digital media," said Kamaluddin.

"Advanced analytics can also automate sales and provide better audience profiling through behavioral segmentation for advertising professionals to better understand where and when to place advertisements to target the right crowd," she said.

"For example, the banking industry could use advanced analytics to realise a customer's demographic and preferences, and thereby offer relevant digital advertisements on mortgage loans or credit cards to the right customer every time they log in to check their balance online," said Kamaluddin. "We help to serve the right content to the right audience at the right time."


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